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Congratulations to a very productive 2017-18 season for the WBDC Booster Club! 

They raised $24,414.11!  

So far this season, WBDC Booster Club has been so successful with the Gerten’s fall and winter Flower/Greens Sales, Yankee Candle Fundraiser, Butterbraids, Used Dancewear Sale and Aamodts Apple Orchard weekends! Fantastic job to all of those families that chose to participate. Huge thank you to all of the organizers and volunteers that ran and organized the events.

Want to fundraise to help cover the costs of dance?

This is for All WBDC dancers, NOT just Company dancers!

Be sure to join the Booster Club!  

As your dancer starts the next season, so does the fundraising season! There are several fundraising opportunities planned and some still in the works. The % kickback (monies earned), unless noted, goes directly into your dancer(s) account.   

Please be sure you are signed up with the Booster Club so you get all emails and communication.  Please email the or stop at WBDC’s front des .   It costs $0 to get Booster Club information and families can pick and choose fundraiser activites.

All monies earned will be applied to the next thing due on your dancer's account.

If your dancer(s) opt to stop dancing at WBDC or are a graduating senior all earnings must be utilized by the end of the current month (opting to stop dancing) or end of the current season (May or end of Nationals for graduating senior).  Any extra earning in a family's account will be moved to Booster Club general fund and can not be given back to the family in cash.

In the past Booster Club has printed all sale sheets and flyers, but will NOT be printing anything this year. All will be emailed, linked to WBDC's website or come directly from the fundraising company.

The Booster Club is run by three awesome dance moms, Heather, Barb and Georgette, but they can't do it alone! They are ALWAYS looking for people to head up new events.   The possibilities are endless, but it is going to take some new volunteers to expand into new fundraisers.

Want to organize and run a fundraiser?  Contact the Booster Club!

Please see below for current and future fundraisers.

Fundraiser: Heggies Pizza

All Pizza orders are due to the studio by Thursday, February 14th.  Double check all payments - prior to submitting.

  • Profit for your dancer is at least $5.00 per every pizza sold, this varies slightly by type sold.  

  • Funds will be deposited in your dancers account, after all checks have cleared

  • If paying by check- have them made out to WBDC Boosters - in the memo line, please note your dancers name

  • Similar to last year, pizza prices vary depending on kind

Delivery date will be February 25th from 5-7pm.  They are delivered to the dance studio for you to pick up that night. We do not have freezer storage. Please plan ahead.

Heggies Pizza Order Form

Fundraiser: Gerten's Easter Flowers-new this year!

Dates: March 2 to March 27

Deadline: March 27th by 8pm to the studio

Delivery: April 15th to the studio

% of Kickback: 35-50% (15% for gift cards)

Fundraiser: Gerten's Spring Flowers

Dates: March 2 to March 27

Deadline: March 27th by 8pm to the studio

Delivery: May 11th to Barb's House

% of Kickback: 35-50% (15% for gift cards)

Fundraiser that go directly to general Booster Club Fund:

Competition Raffle Basket, Company Dress Rehearsal Concessions, Chipotle night, Culvers night, and Donatelli’s night

Rest of details coming soon!