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Want to fundraise to help cover the costs of dance?

This is for All WBDC dancers, NOT just Company dancers!

Be sure to join the Booster Club!  

As your dancer starts the next season, so does the fundraising season! There are several fundraising opportunities planned and some still in the works. The % kickback (monies earned), unless noted, goes directly into your dancer(s) account.   

Please be sure you are signed up with the Booster Club so you get all emails and communication.  Please email the boosterclub@whitebeardancecenter.com or stop at WBDC’s front desk.   It costs $0 to get Booster Club information and families can pick and choose fundraiser activites.

All monies earned will be applied to the next thing due on your dancer's account.

If your dancer(s) opt to stop dancing at WBDC or are a graduating senior all earnings must be utilized by the end of the current month (opting to stop dancing) or end of the current season (May or end of Nationals for graduating senior).  Any extra earning in a family's account will be moved to Booster Club general fund and can not be given back to the family in cash.

In the past Booster Club has printed all sale sheets and flyers, but will NOT be printing anything this year. All will be emailed, linked to WBDC's website or come directly from the fundraising company.

The Booster Club is run by 3 awesome dance moms Barb, Georgette and Dawn, but they can't do it alone! They are ALWAYS looking for people to head up new events.   The possibilities are endless, but it is going to take some new volunteers to expand into new fundraisers.

Want to organize and run a fundraiser?  Contact the Booster Club!    boosterclub@whitebeardancecenter.com

Please see below for current and future fundraisers.

August Meeting:

Thanks again to everyone who attended the meeting last night. Prizes were given out! Congratulations to Mary Hinrichs and Kate Lightner- enjoy your Caribou!

Here are the minutes from the meeting! August Booster Club Minutes

Aamodts Apple Orchard

Every Saturday/Sunday from September 7th through October 22nd.

Aamodt’s Apple Farm- This is a great partnership with WBDC Boosters and Aamodts, evolving from us starting as baggers working for tips. Sign Up Link HERE !

Emailed Update about Aamodts from Booster Club 8/18:

We are about half way there with filling our spots. We have had a few questions on the bagging. Bagging is a for tips only position which is great but, we need to fill the positions that Aamodts is paying us to run first. Then we get paid and tips!!!

We would like to reserve the bagging spots for dancers and siblings under age 15 on Saturday afternoons and all day Sundays. Saturday mornings many of our dancers are at the studio and can't be at the orchard. We could have adults bag on these days IF all other paid positions are full. Saturday, Sept. 28th is a day that a lot of our competition families will be in Duluth for a convention; we are in need of many volunteers that weekend. If all paid spots fill up then adults could cover the bagging this day.

If you signed yourself or another adult up for one of the bagging spots please go in and move yourself to one of the paid positions.

When signing up your dancers please enter their name so we know that it is someone younger coming on those bagging positions. Even if you put it in the notes for that sign up spot we will get it.

Again, thank you for all your volunteering. With all the new paid positions this year we know that it is a bit tricky signing up. Also please remember that we may have to move people around each day at the orchard to where workers are needed. Let us know if have questions.

-Booster Club

Notes about Aamodts from Booster Club Meeting 8/15:

o This is a job, we are Aamodt’s fall staff. We need to work like employees, even though we are technically volunteers.

o New this year along with working the registers we will have a register lead, pick your own trailer, ticket booth, brat booth as paid positions. Baggers work for tips and tip jars will be at all the outside spots as well.

o New this year: some senior/teen dancers will be working out there as workers (14+ and older- see Barb for application). They will work with Geoff to set up their schedules around dance.

o 1 and done- You must find a substitute if you are cancelling the week of. We have added substitute spots to sign up and will create a phone list

o When slow Aamodts may close spots down; you may be asked to move somewhere else or people could be sent home. When sending people home we will ask for volunteers. If no one volunteers we will look at who signed up last.

o Shift Lead- most likely one of us three doing the job that Taylor did last year as an Aamodt’s employee

o New this year: Most items will have bar codes and scanning this year. We will be trained out there. It’s been very easy in the past. Please avoid custom item if possible; take the time to look items up. There were a lot of custom items sold last year. This makes tracking inventory hard for Aamodts.

o Register workers can be 15 year olds with a parent, 16+ on own

o Baggers 10-14 year olds- They need to be able to handle the length of shift, you judge your child. If your child is not able to work the whole shift you will be sent home. (This also includes adult workers. If you have time to learn, you have time to clean :-))

Gertens Flowers

Holiday Greens Deadline 10/10 and delivery 11/22.

Easter Flowers Deadline 3/9 and delivery 4/2.

Spring Flowers Deadline 3/9 and delivery 5/2.


10/10-10/30 Butter Braid delivery 11/18 at WBDC.


11/11-11/25. Deliver to WBDC on 12/9.

Heggie’s Pizza Fundraiser

1/31-2/14 Pizza Delivery 2/25 at WBDC.

Puffin Pastries

Start date 2/19/20

Orders Due 3/4/20

Delivery to studio 4/1/20 Time TBD- They come frozen so pick up is important!

More things to come…restaurant fundraisers, raffles and all kinds of things!