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Welcome to the 2019/20 Season!

WBDC is proud to present the



We (Katie and Jenny) are celebrating our 10th year as owners of White Bear Dance Center! It has been quite a journey and we can’t wait to see what comes next! For this season we have decided to bring back a little music from the past, combined with tons of new songs/concepts and add it to a rock concert production titled “Queen” to put on our own “10 Year Celebration Tour!”

All company members, Mini, Intermediate, Petite, Junior, Teen and Senior please familiarize yourself with this “New 2020 Company Information” Page, “Company Updates” Page, your “Company” Page, “Studio Calendar” Page and “Weekly Email” Page to learn all about the new 2019/20 season. Each dancer will receive an emailed Company Invitation with all the time and financial choices for the season. Please make your choices and then come to the your individual Company Registration Time, which can also be found on your Company Invitation. There isn’t any forms you have to fill out. Just come with your decisions made and we will help you complete the registration!

Don’t forget about the “Booster Club” page to learn about upcoming options for the new season!

All dancers in Production, Small Groups, Solos, Duet or Trios, please be sure to check out the “Production” and “Small Groups/Solos/Duets/Trios” Pages for more information!


We will continue to use WBDC’s website and weekly emails as our main form of communication. Please triple check to make sure WBDC doesn’t end up in your SPAM/trash folder.

We will utilize social media outlets, Facebook (White Bear Dance Center), Instagram (wbdcdance), and Twitter (@wbdancecenter), for updates, reminders, sharing of happenings at WBDC, and fun interactive events! Please make sure you are following and encourage all your friends and family to do so, too! Please use #wbdc and #wbdc10yeartour!!

Any students with email accounts that would like to get updates, please make sure your parent adds your address to your account. Your parent can add it online or stop by the front desk. Not all information is available to be sent to a student account or additional accounts and can only be sent to main account holder.

Please make sure that is book marked “favorite” on all of your electronics and that you are following us on social media!


Online Account: As all Company registrations are processed, each family will receive a sign-on to our new Dance Studio Pro system. An email will be sent once your account is active and with all the needed directions. Beginning for the fall 2019-20 season, all current Danceworks accounts will be inactive.

Email Book: Binders are on the Front Desk counter to track all communication incase anyone wants to see/read a paper copy.

Production 2020 “Queen”

“Queen” will be a rock concert inspired production featuring the music from the band Queen. High energy choreography featuring multiple dance genres, costumes that pay homage to the bands style and some props that will set the stage for our concert will create our next fantastic production.

Competition Entry Fees:

4 out of the 5 competitions selected for the season have not updated their entry fee prices for the 2019-20 season at the time of this communication. We have done our best to estimate the new prices based on the last few years of increases. The Dancer Packages do include our estimated entry fees in the total. We will contact families if needed if the prices increased more than our estimations and we will adjust future payments.

Mandatory Extra Company Rehearsals for Petite, Junior, Teen, and Senior Company:

The extra rehearsals we had the past few seasons were wonderful, so we will be continuing this process again this season. We have pre- planned some extra company rehearsals on Saturdays before their normal scheduled classes. These rehearsals are Mandatory and not optional. Please see your company’s page for your dancer’s extra rehearsal schedule. Small Groups may be scheduled extra rehearsals as needed. Please continue to check your company page and the company update page for more information.

Competition Uniform Look:

All girls will be doing a sleek low bun with a left side part this season. (Please see your Company Page for .pdf with directions!) Please keep this in mind when adding multiple layers and scheduling extreme haircuts. Boys must have a clean cut/current hair cut without it being in their face. Pink, Blue, Green, etc. are really awesome colors to accent your hair, BUT they can’t show onstage.

All girls will be utilizing the regular crystal competition earrings available in pierced or clip. There cannot be any other jewelry worn-multiple earrings, nose piercings, naval piercings, etc. Boys must not have any jewelry of any kind.

Dancers wishing to have a manicure or artificial nails during the competition/performance season must choose a natural French manicure without any extra embellishments (rhinestones or colors).

Dancers must be free of tattoos temporary or otherwise. Any older dancer who does have a tattoo of any kind must completely cover it with stage make-up and/or body tape.


Unfortunately, injuries happen both at dance and outside of dance.

If a dancer is injured in the fall, dancers may need some extra private lessons with an assistant or staff member to catch up on choreography and to assist with any rehabilitation. Dancers need to attend all of their company choreography classes and technique classes. They must participate in any stretching or activities of the class that are safe to do while injured.

If a dancer is injured during dress rehearsal and competition season it is at the discretion of WBDC if a substitution is needed within a piece. The injured dancer’s costumes may need to be altered in a (non- permanent way) to be worn until they are healed and are brought back into the piece. This is not optional, but an expectation of each dancer. There are no refunds of competition entry fees if a dancer cannot participate or if another dancer needs to be a substitute.

Returning to a piece after an injury is also up the discretion of WBDC. Just because they are cleared to dance doesn’t mean they are ready to compete. The rest of their body may need some time dancing full out again, so another injury isn’t created, their company may be too close to competition to have blocking or parts altered to be fair to all dancers, and if a competition has already been notified and changes have been made to their schedule then they cannot be reversed. Just like injuries that may happen in the fall season, during the rehearsal/competition season dancers need to attend all of their company choreography classes and technique classes. They must participate in any stretching or activities of the class that are safe to do while injured.

Keeping up with Choreography and Technique:

If a company member is falling behind in choreography or technique, then private lessons will be recommended with an assistant or staff member. Each family is responsible for the charges accrued due to these extra lessons.

If after extra lessons and focused attention a dancer is unable to perform at the same level as their company, pertaining to performance level, choreography knowledge and technique, then they will be removed from pieces until they have caught up. They will be added back into pieces at the discretion of WBDC. This is a rare occasion, but there were some challenges in past seasons and we want to make sure that everyone knows this is an option.

If a dancer is removed from a piece due to lack of effort there is not any refunds on costumes, entry fees and no adjustments will be made to monthly tuition.

We feel everyone will try 100% all season and we will never have to re-visit the above information!

Completing the 2019-20 Season:

Families are responsible for paying the full dancer package payments Sept-March even if they choose to leave the 2019-20 company program in the middle of the season. The only exception is entry fees. Anything that has not already been paid to an outside company will be subtracted from the payments. If entry fees have been paid there are not any refunds. There are no exceptions.

Families must let WBDC know in writing that they are opting to stop their monthly tuition, prior to the 1st of the month. If the communication is received after the 1st of the current month there will be no refunds, and/or the family is responsible for the current month even if their dancer is not participating.

Since we be attending Nationals, company dancers will need to participate in the Summer Intensives 2020 prior to Nationals in June 2020. Graduating Seniors will have a special package created to train for Nationals, but not take the full audition program. If a dancer does not wish to audition for the 2020-21 season we understand, but they must take the Summer Intensives to keep their technique through Nationals. This is only fair to all of the other dancers so that everyone is competing at the same level on stage.

Complete Payment of a Season BEFORE participating in a New Season.

A dancer’s account must be paid in full, including late fees, prior to beginning a new season with WBDC. Examples but not only circumstances: Fall-Spring Season must be paid prior to beginning a Summer Season. Summer Season must be paid prior to beginning a new Fall-Spring Season. Winter 6 Week Class must be paid before starting a Spring 6 Week Class.

Company Attendance:

All Company members are required to have excellent attendance. More than 3 absences in a condensed time period may result in private lessons, removal from choreography (parts or whole), removal from upcoming performance, and/or removal from the company. All above options are at the discretion of WBDC. Not all situations are the same and will be handled on an individual basis. Any tardiness or absence, must be communicated to WBDC front desk, by phone 651-426-4793, or
email by a parent/guardian prior to the beginning of class/rehearsal. Please do not call, email, or text a teacher/choreographer, for they may be in class/rehearsal and not able to get the communication.

Week before Dress Rehearsals, Performance/Competitions/Mandatory Events:

The week before dress rehearsal/performance/competition and any mandatory scheduled rehearsals, are just that, mandatory. Failure to attend rehearsal or class be it for cleaning, choreography, or technique, may result in removal from part or whole of choreography or performance. Not all situations are the same and will be handled on an individual basis. There will be no refunds for competition entries.

Marketfest and Manitou Days Parade:

These two events, plus a Marketfest rehearsal are on the calendar for June 2020. They are very important to WBDC and the community. Company Dancers need to attend and participate in both events. We expect 100% attendance.

Solos, Duets, and Trios:

Please note to accept a Solo, Duet, Trio, or Small Group a dancer must participate in Production, Leaps and Turns and Acro.

The initial private package includes 6 hours of privates. We will be tracking all private lessons online in the “notes” section of your account.

Private time slots are in your dancer’s invitation. Times will be reviewed during registration and confirmed once everyone has registered. Your choreographer will contact you about their song selection in the weeks following registration.

Katie, Lindsay and Christina’s private lessons will start the week of September 23rd. Jenny’s private lessons will start the week of September 23rd unless something is listed different on your dancer’s invitation. There are additional weeks that there will not be any privates due to studio closings and studio events. Please check for these specific weeks on the Studio Calendar page. All privates will be held on all remaining weeks up to the holidays, unless specifically communicated by a choreographer. All privates will be held in January through the Mandatory Solo, Duet, Trio showing at WBDC on Sunday, January 12th. (Specific Schedule will be available in November.) Each choreographer will then determine the private schedule through the competition season based on the individual needs of each piece and it will be emailed to your family. The remaining payment for lessons will be arranged at this time.

The 6-hour initial private package payment plan will be confirmed at registration. After the 6 hours is complete, all additional private lessons must be paid in full BEFORE the lesson occurs at the rate of $25/half hour. There will be no exceptions. All payments go through the front desk of WBDC.

Dancers must cancel privates by 9:00am each day to not to be charged for a lesson.

Each family will sign this WBDC Practice/Studio Sign-Out Agreement at Company registration. The private lesson log will still be at the front desk to sign out studio space. Pieces that are not practiced correctly will not be eligible to compete. There will be no refunds for lessons, costumes, or competition entries due to improper preparation. Dancers may not always get their time slot to practice on their own if they have not booked a private lesson with a staff member. We have more privates than space this season and staff will move dancers into empty time slots as needed. Please be sure to sign-out your rehearsal space time and not assume it will be there.

Please be sure to fully read the WBDC Practice/Studio Sign-Out Agreement and understand all the texting and log book instructions for rehearsing when staff members are not at WBDC. FAILURE TO FOLLOW DIRECTIONS will result in loss of this privilege. If you need an access code assigned to you, please contact Katie and Jenny.

Costuming for solos, duets, and trios:

Jenny will work with all solos, duets, and trios and their choreographers in the design/creation/purchase of the costumes. She works with all choreographers for their visions, as well as, the dancer’s wishes to create the perfect look. WBDC is proud to be able to achieve a high, award-winning standard of costuming at the base costume allowance built into your financial package. Specific, extravagant, intricate, time- consuming custom created costumes or additional rhinestone/embellished elements that exceed the base costume allowance are available, but at an additional cost. Jenny can discuss these options if interested during the costume creation/selection process.

All solos, duets, and trios will have the option to rhinestone/embellish their own costumes or to opt for WBDC to complete their costume. Choice A on your dancer’s invitation will reflect that WBDC will begin the pattern and select the amount/type of rhinestones or embellishments, but the family will be responsible for the completion meeting a specific deadline. Costumes that are not completed to WBDC standards will not be worn onstage. Any mistakes or accidents will be fixed or re-created, but the family will be responsible for the full cost of all supplies, shipping, and labor. Choice B on your dancer’s invitation will reflect that all rhinestone/embellishment will be completed by WBDC.