Company Updates

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 This company update page is used for weekly/monthly updates or information that ALL companies must receive.  Please be sure to check out your company's page, production page, extra groups and solos/duets/trios pages to get all the details of the season.  Also, be sure to find the studio calendar.  Lots of important things on there and you can add events right to your own personal calendar!

Level 1 Companies - Kick Off Class and Registrations

Everyone signed up for Mini or Intermediate Company should have received an email on Friday, August 2nd with all the information for the season along with a registration time specific for your family. Please make sure to let Katie know as soon as possible if you will not be able to make your registration time. Kick Off Classes for Mini Company is 6:30-7:30pm, Intermediate Company is 7:30-8:30pm. We are excited to see everyone next week!

Choreography Camp THIS week!

Please check your company’s page and solo/duet/trio/small group (if applicable) for choreography camp times and dates! We can’t wait to announce and begin the new choreography.

New Warm-Up Jackets

We are in the process of designing new warm-up jackets/pants and someone other new fun things for fall! Check back often for more information!

Improv Workshops

These will be available through various times of the year! Be checking back for more information!

New Pointe program beginning 2020

This will be on an invite basis, based on ballet attendance, ballet class attitude, alignment/strength, student self-motivation and age. Please inquire for more information if interested.