Company Updates


Welcome to WBDC's 2018-19 season

"Under the WBDCea"!    

We are excited to begin another fantastic year!  

This company update page is used for weekly/monthly updates or information that ALL companies must receive.  Please be sure to check out your company's page, production page, extra groups and solos/duets/trios pages to get all the details of the season.  Also, be sure to find the studio calendar.  Lots of important things on there and you can add events right to your own personal calendar!


2018-19 WBDC Company

WBDC is currently registering for the 2018-19 Level 1 Mini and Intermediate Company.  Please click HERE to learn more about these two companies and how to register!

If your dancer is interested in our Level 2 Petite, Junior, Teen or Senior Companies, please contact WBDC directly for more information.

2018-19 company announcements 

All of the 2018-19 company announcements have been sent out to all Petite, Junior, Teen and Senior Company Members, All Mini and Intermediate Company members registered as of 7/31, and All Extra Groups and Solo/Duet/Trio invitations.

Petite/Junior/Teen/Senior Company Choreography camp

Please check your company's page for the dates/times of choreography camp.