Company Updates


Welcome to WBDC's 2018-19 season

"Under the WBDCea"!    

This company update page is used for weekly/monthly updates or information that ALL companies must receive.  Please be sure to check out your company's page, production page, extra groups and solos/duets/trios pages to get all the details of the season.  Also, be sure to find the studio calendar.  Lots of important things on there and you can add events right to your own personal calendar!


2018-19 WBDC Company

If your dancer is interested in our Level 1 Mini or Intermediate or Level 2 Petite, Junior, Teen or Senior Companies, please contact WBDC directly for more information.

Only a few more weeks until LEAP!

Company dancers Auditioning for 2019-20 Season (Petite/Junior/Teen/Senior) and/or Company Dancers participating in Nationals 2018

Click HERE to register for summer dance 2019.  Deadline is May 11th.

**Please note that all dancers participating in Nationals for Petite, Junior, Teen and Senior Company must participate in June Summer Program (6 days) and June/July Nationals rehearsals to participate in Nationals.  Graduating Seniors, please see your personalized emails for adjusted information.

Tentative Leap 2019-Hopkins High School Schedule

Please click HERE for Tentative Leap Schedule.   We will have finalized meeting times, etc. soon with the final schedule.

Junior and Senior Leap for The Stars Competition is a lot of fun! 
The Leap! competition is open to every registered dancer! It's split into 2 different divisions: ages 11 and under and 12 to 19 (Ages as of January 1st). The cost is just $10.00 at the event (Sign up at the Leap! Registration/Merchandise Booth). Each contestant will be allowed 2 attempts at impressing the Leap! Judges with their best leaps. The winner will receive a $25.00 cash prize as well as a $25 credit for the Leap! Merchandise Booth. In addition, a photo of your award winning Leap! will be posted on the Leap! website, and you'll receive a special prize from our sponsor Dream Duffel.  There needs to be at least 5 leapers per age division to hold this special event.

**We had so many WBDC dancers that took part in this fun experience last year.  Sofia won the 12 and Under and Amelia J won the 13 and Over!  If you wish to participate wear cute dance clothes that create long pretty lines, very classy and maybe a color to help you stand out!

Assistant Application for the 2019-20 Season

Deadline to turn in form (see below) to be considered for a junior assistant or assistant position for the 2019-20 season is Saturday, May 11th.

WBDC Assistant Application

11-12 year old dancers (as of 9/1/19) will be considered for junior assistant positions. These are dancers who are interested in volunteering to be part of the assistant program to train to become assistants for future seasons.

13-18 year old dancers (as of 9/1/19) will be considered for assistant positions.

All current and prospective assistants must fill out applications.

Interviews will be held during Summer Intensives with Katie and Jenny.

**Every season there are more applicants than positions.

Adjusted Schedule for Saturday May 11th!

8:45-9:15 This is Me (studio 4/5), Teen Tap (studio 2/3) 

9:15-9:45 Hygge (studio 4/5), Acro 1 (studio 2/3) 

9:45-10:30 Production (studio 4/5) 

10:30-11:15 Turns & Leaps (1, 2, & 3) 

11:15-12:00 Acro 2 & 3 

Spring Private Lesson Schedule

Please see below for the current Solo/Duet/Trio schedule for Spring through Nationals.

2019 Spring Private Lesson Schedule

**All families have been emailed their balance for remaining private lessons. Please be sure to respond whether you would like 1 payment or 2 payments. Thank you!

“Under the WBDCea 2019”

Please be sure to check out the “Under the WBDCea 2019” page for picture schedule, dress rehearsal schedule, show assignments, ticket information, form to submit a message into the recital program and all other recital details.

Nationals Rehearsals 6/20, 7/7 and 7/8

Please see the schedule below for all the details.

Mandatory Nationals Rehearsals 2019