Disney Experience 2019

Pictures represent our “Winter Wonderland”, “WBDC Rocks The World” and “WBDC’s Beach Ball” Disney Experience past shows.

Our next Disney Experience will be December 2019.  (12/5/19-12/7/19)

We are inviting ALL White Bear Dance Center Dancers to join our Disney Experience Performance Team.    

All Recreational and Competition students are invited, ages 5-18! 

(If your dancer will be near 5, please talk with Jenny or Katie.  Dancers are away from their parents for 4 hours (fully chaperoned) every time they perform.  There are also a few days of  long rehearsals at Disney Camp Summer 2019.  It depends on each individual child’s personality and comfort.)

Walt Disney World has an AMAZING program called, Disney Performing Arts Onstage!   All youth performance groups can audition to perform within Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.        

Prices & Registration?   Complete prices and information will be available September 2018. 

Disney Tickets: The average ticket prices 2 years ago, were $100-$150 less per ticket then a regular ticket to Walt Disney World.   There are many different kinds of tickets available and ANYONE traveling with WBDC can choose from the various different ticket options.  Everyone traveling must purchase a ticket, but this is BEST deal on Disney Theme Park Tickets ANYWHERE! 

Accommodations: There will be a discount on hotels to a few select Disney Resorts.  One Disney resort will be the home base of WBDC where a rehearsal and bus pick-ups for the dancer’s on performance days will be located.   Families can choose from these options or choose alternative lodging.   Families registered at one of the selected Disney Resorts may choose to use the complimentary Disney’s Magical Express program to and from the airport.

Transportation: All families arrange their own transportation to and from Florida.  All dancers will need to be in Walt Disney World at a mandatory rehearsal at 5:00pm 12/5 at the WBDC home base resort.  There will be a performance on 12/6 and 12/7. Otherwise it is every family’s individual decisions to enjoy their own family vacation.

Dancer Package: Dancers of all ages must purchase the Dancer Package.  It includes: Application/Audition (WBDC auditions as a group, not as individual dancers), All WBDC rehearsals from 1/2019-12/2019, a performance at the WBL Armory in fall of 2019 for all friends and family to attend, a 25 minute custom choreographed show, all costumes/small props (not including tights, shoes, earrings) including shipping all items to Disney, Dancer’s Luxury Motorcoach transportation to and from WBDC base hotel and performance areas, and Dancer only  Merchandise.  (Other custom merchandise will be available for purchase for other family members.)

Registration will begin September 2018 and run through Wednesday, November 21st 2018.

Why do this?

Not only is it one of the greatest family vacation destinations, but getting a chance to perform for people from all over the world is incredible!   Recitals are exciting, competitions are amazing, but there is nothing like performing in Walt Disney World.   WBDC traveled with over 200 people in 2010, 250 people in 2013, and just under 300 in 2016 and had a WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE! 

The planning and creating of the Disney Experience 2019 will be here before we know it!