We are so excited that so many of our families have opted to participate in "WBDC's Ugly Sweater Party" Disney Experience 2019 !


We are going to have THE BEST Ugly Christmas Sweater Party EVER!

All families should have gotten a confirmation email with their information. Please double check your details and email back to confirm.

We are so excited to post the 1st rehearsal schedule for WBDC’s Ugly Sweater Party!  This schedule is detailed through May with save the dates for future rehearsals all the way through fall.   The full detailed summer/fall rehearsal schedule and additional casting will be available in late April.   

Dancers will always need to be in dance clothes with hair tied back.  Ballet Shoes/Freeforms should be worn for all rehearsals unless specially notated.  Dancers need to bring a water bottle with them to rehearsals.

Rehearsals move quickly (taking in consideration of ages/levels) and material is reviewed, but the teaching of choreography is not repeated. If your dancer needs to miss a rehearsal, they will want to meet up with other dancers in their piece BEFORE the next rehearsal to learn missed choreography.

Rehearsal times do not include a warm-up.  Please be sure to arrive 15 minutes prior to warm-up, etc. 


“Ugly Sweater”-Entire Cast


“Jingle Bells”-Sofia, Lila , Ella D, Allie M, Maiken, Emma G, Ellie, Hannah, Eme, Abby, Bonnie, Ella P, Sienna and Presley


“Man With The Bag”-Makayla, Savannah, Luke, Alaina, Allie O, Izze, Faith, Payten, Mady, Kendra, Paige A, Julia, Kaitlynn, Amelia, Paige T, Madeleine M and Mary


“Don’t Be A Jerk”– Addison, Emma K, Laynee, Zaynah, Olivia, Alexa, Madelynn E, Eloise, Sofia, Selena, Alyson, Lila, Lindei, Maelee, Ella D, Allie M, Maiken, Emma G, Ellie, Hannah, Eme, Abby, Bonnie, Ella P, Sienna and Presley

“Hula Hoops” - Makayla, Abby, Alexa, Madilynn, Mady, Sofia, Alaina, Ella D, Eloise, Ella P, Presley, Ellie, Lila, Hannah, Allie M and Maiken


“Sparkle”– Entire Cast


“All I Want”

Group 1 – Mary, Madeleine M, Paige T, Amelia, Kaitlynn, Julia, Paige A, Kendra and Mady

Group 2 – All of Group 1, Payten, Faith, Izze, Allie O, Alaina, Luke, Savannah, Maykala, Presley, Sienna, Bonnie, Hannah, Maiken, Allie M and Sofia


“Little St. Nick”– Addison, Emma K, Laynee, Zaynuh, Olivia, Alexa, Madelynn E, Eloise, Selena, Alyson, Lila, Lindei, Maelee, Ella D, Emma G, Ellie, Eme, Abby and Ella P



Group 1 Mary, Madeleine M(tap shoes), Paige T, Amelia, and Kaitlynn

Group 2 Julia, Paige A, Kendra and Mady


“Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”-tap shoes-Sofia, Ella D, Maiken, Ella P, Presley, Savannah, Luke, Kendra and Madeleine M


“Frosty” – Mary, Paige T, Amelia, Kaitlynn, Julia, Paige A, Mady, Payten, Faith, Izze, Allie O, Alaina, Maykala, Sienna, Bonnie, Hannah and Allie M


“Greatest Time Of The Year” – Entire Cast


Sunday 2/10

2:00-3:00 Jingle Bells

3:00-4:15 Ugly Sweater 

4:15-4:45 Hula Hoop Audition 

*We are looking for dancers that are really good and enjoy hula hooping! Stay for the audition if you are interested!

4:45-5:45 Man With A Bag


Sunday 2/17 *Times adjusted as of 2/16

2:45-3:30 Jingle Bells

3:30-4:30 Ugly Sweater/Sparkle

4:30-5:15 All I Want Group 2

5:15-5:30 Man With A Bag


Sunday 3/31

1:30-2:30 Don’t Be A Jerk

The “Don’t Be a Jerk” rehearsal start time changed to accommodate missed early rehearsal!

2:00-2:30 Man With A Bag

2:30-3:30 Ugly Sweater/Sparkle

3:30-4:00 Jingle Bells

4:00-4:45 All I Want Group 2

4:45-5:30 All I Want Group 1


Friday 4/12

5:00-6:00 Hula Hoop Cast

6:00-7:00 Ugly Sweater/Sparkle

7:00-7:45 Don’t Be A Jerk/Man With A Bag/Jingle Bells

7:45-8:30 Frosty


Sunday 4/14

2:00-2:15 Full Cast

2:15-3:00 All I Want Group 1 & 2

2:15-3:15 Little Saint Nick

3:15-4:15 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town


Saturday 5/11

4:00-6:30 Entire Cast


Save the date! These are mostly evening rehearsals.

Tuesday 6/11

Wednesday 6/12

Thursday 6/20

Thursday 6/27

Wednesday 7/24

Thursday 7/25

Friday 7/26

Monday 7/29

Friday 8/2


Disney Camp-Mandatory

Tuesday-Thursday 8/6-8/8   9:00am-4:30pm 


Sunday 9/29-Mandatory



Sunday 10/27-Mandatory 



Sunday 11/24 – at WBL Armory – Mandatory

Rehearsal 1:00-5:45

Doors Open 6:00

6:30pm Performance of “WBDC’s Ugly Sweater Party 2019”!

**Its free! Invite all your family and friends!!!**


Pictures below represent our “Winter Wonderland”, “WBDC Rocks The World” and “WBDC’s Beach Ball” Disney Experience past shows.