Production 2020

“Queen” will be a rock concert inspired production featuring the music from the band Queen. High energy choreography featuring multiple dance genres, costumes that pay homage to the bands style and some props that will set the stage for our concert will create our next fantastic production.

Production’s Schedule for the 2019-20 season is as follows:

Production Saturday 10:30-11:30am    

All Company Dancers Level 1 and 2, please check your invitation for pricing and dancer package fees.

Mandatory Extra Rehearsal:

Production has an additional Mandatory Rehearsal on Sunday, January 19th from 12-6pm. Showing of production for families will be at 5:45pm with doors opening at 5:30pm.   Please enter/wait in the lobby or main entrance of the armory and not use the back entrance off of the parking lot to enter before the showing.

Dancers should wear regular dance clothes and freeforms.  

Please make sure that hair is tied-up and securely out of face.  Dancers should have a water bottle.  

Dancers are welcome to bring snacks/food.  There is not a designated break time so please do not plan on meeting your dancer or there will not be time for dancer's to leave to get snacks/food.   They will all have multiple breaks, but at various times and lengths.

Production Dress Code:

Girls:  Dance shorts, pants, tank tops, bra tops, t-shirts, tights, and leotards.  Capezio Caramel Free Form Shoes. Hair tied up.  Competition shoes will be decided with costumes and communicated to families in December.

Boys: Caramel Free Form Shoes.  Competition shoes will be decided with costumes and communicated to families in December.

Dress Rehearsal and Competitions/Performances

All Small Groups, Solos, Duets and Trios will follow the same dress rehearsal and competition/performance schedule as all companies.  

Fall Family Company Quick Showing:

Company classes and schedules make it hard for families to see their dancer, so we have set-up a fall family company quick showing for those that would like to see!   Other days an instructor/choreography may or may not invite families in at the end of class, but this is a date that everyone can count on! It is also a great day to video to help your dancer practice!

Saturday 11/23  11:25am Production