WBDC Assistant Program

We take a lot of pride and put a lot of time into our assistant program at WBDC. Shaping excellent dancers is important, but we believe it is equally as important to mentor in time management, responsibility, leadership, how to work with others, how to lead, how to be a great role model and the skills it takes to teach others. We have so many amazing kids and it is so exciting to watch them grow and watch them share their love of dance with younger children.

Instructors and mentors in our lives gave us the chance to assist and teach and without it we never would have found our passion for teaching dance. We feel it is important to give that opportunity to our dancers so they have all the options in their futures, too.

Junior Assistants, Assistants, Competition Assistants, Lead Assistant and Student Teacher are the various levels within our program. Each level comes with age, skill, experience, interview and training requirements.

Each year we are so proud of the dancers that fill these roles. They exceed our expectations, assist in creating a positive WBDC environment and truly assist us in so many ways in making WBDC classes/programs successful. We love working with them and we are so thankful to have them at WBDC.


2019-20 Assistants:

Mary Juelich, Madeleine McCollough, Amelia Drayfahl, Kendra Odhiambo, Kaitlynn Kowalski, Paige Tanttu, Mady Leier, Izze Odhiambo, Julia Osland, Allie OHara, Payten Stemig and Alaina Ressler

Lead Assistant: Amelia Drayfahl

Student Teacher: Paige Tanttu

Competition Assistant: Mary Juelich, Madeleine McCollough, Amelia Drayfahl, Kendra Odhiambo, Mady Leier, Izze Odhiambo and Allie OHara


2019-20 Junior Assistants:

Presley Manship, Bonnie Langenbach, Hannah Byrne-Langer, Sienna Rivera, Allie McLean and Abby Keeling