Weekly Studio Email Weekly Email 1/14/19

Hello WBDC Families!

We are excited to be working on recital dances for recreational classes and our competitive companies are working hard for our competition season!  We are also excited to have our 6 week classes starting on Saturday, January 19th!

Competitive Companies - Early Saturday Rehearsal
Junior Jazz and Senior Lyrical will have early morning rehearsals this week.  Please be ready to dance by 8:15am!

Jewelry, Fitbits and Smart Watches

Dancer should not be wearing any jewelry (necklaces/bracelets/rings) to class and this is including fitbits and smart watches.   Why?  Well...rings can hurt dancers during floor choreography and excercises, necklaces can be a distraction and very uncomfortable, especially when working on turns, and excessive bracelets cut off circulation during some classes like acro and break the lines that dancers are working on in their technique classes/during choreography.   This has always been part of WBDC's dress code and we just wanted to take a second to send out this reminder.

Saturday Production Rehearsal at WBDC

We are excusing the following dancers from production for Saturday 1/19 at WBDC.   We are working on a section to expedite part of the process in Sunday's rehearsal and do not want to waste their time.  Thank you!
Maelee, Emma G, Alyson, Selena, Olivia, Luke, Maiken, Madelynn E and Isabella

Production Mandatory Extra Rehearsal:

Production has an additional Mandatory Rehearsal on Sunday, January 20th from 1-7pm.   Showing of production for families will be at 6:45pm with doors opening at 6:30pm.   Please enter/wait in the lobby or main entrance of the armory and not use the back entrance off of the parking lot to enter before the showing.

Dancers should wear regular dance clothes and freeforms.  
**We are asking that your dancer wear a t-shirt, tank top or dance top that is either all or at least have lots of the color that their accent color is in production.  (Pink, Turquoise or Green).   It doesn't matter the shade or type of each color just something to represent their color.**

Please make sure that hair is tied-up and securely out of face.  Dancers should have a water bottle.  

Dancers are welcome to bring snacks/food.  There is not a designated break time so please do not plan on meeting your dancer or there will not be time for dancer's to leave to get snacks/food.   They will all have multiple breaks, but at various times and lengths.

We are so proud of how well you all danced this weekend at the showing!  

Everyone will have private lessons for all dances for the next two weeks.  We will be sending out a schedule through the competition season once all staff members have had a chance to confirm their schedule/plan for all dancers.  Please watch your email later this week.

Extra Group Mandatory Rehearsal on 1/21/19

Dancers need to be warmed-up and ready to dance at the start of all rehearsals.  Please be sure to bring a water bottle.

9:00-11:00am "Hygge" MT Large Group

11:00-12:30pm "Show Must Go On" Lyrical Small Group

12:45-2:15pm "Stepsisters" MT Small Group

2:45-4:15pm "This Is Me" Lyrical Small Group

Moms and Dads 2019

Its that time of year again!   We welcome all Moms, Dads, Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunts, Uncles and/or adult family friends to come to the surface during our performances of "Under the Sea 2019" and perform in "WBDC's Margaritaville"!    Find your inner Parrothead dressed in your finest hawaiian shirt or beach attire inspired by Jimmy Buffett.   This is a low-stress, very fun experience that is the highlight of our show!  Please sign-up and submit $20 payment at the front desk or by emailing info@whitebeardancecenter.com by 2/16!

Moms Line

Rehearsals: 5/15 7:30-8:15pm (no kids),  5/22 7:30-8:15pm (no kids), 5/28 6:15-7:00pm (with kids), 5/29 6:30-8:00pm (with kids)

Pictures: 4/13 2:00pm 

Dress Rehearsal: 6/1 10:45am

Performances: 6/1 Show #1 & Show #2 and 6/2 Show #4

Moms Costume: Hawaiian shirts, shorts, t-shirts, beach attire..anything you want!  You can go wild and crazy or black leggings and a hawaiian shirt...whatever is fun to you!  Although flip flops are cute, they are really hard to dance in..bare feet or tennis shoes are great!

Kids Costume: 2019 Recital T-shirt, black shorts and ballet shoes/tennis shoes/freeforms

Dads Line

Rehearsals: 5/15 8:15-9:00pm (no kids),  5/22 8:15-9:00pm (no kids), 5/28 7:00-7:45pm (with kids), 5/29 6:30-8:00pm (with kids)

Pictures: 4/13 2:15pm 

Dress Rehearsal: 6/1 10:45am

Performances: 6/1 Show #1 & Show #2 and 6/2 Show #4

Dads Costume: Hawaiian shirts, shorts, t-shirts, beach attire..anything you want!  You can go wild and crazy or shorts and a hawaiian shirt...whatever is fun to you!  Although flip flops are cute, they are really hard to dance in..bare feet or tennis shoes are great!

Kids Costume: 2019 Recital T-shirt, black shorts and ballet shoes/tennis shoes/freeforms

Company Dress Rehearsal Weekend 2/23-2/24

Mini, Intermediate, Petite, Junior, Teen and Senior Company, all extra groups, solos, duets, trios and Production have a full dress rehearsal 2/23-2/24 at the White Bear Lake Armory.   Production WILL have rehearsal at WBDC on 2/23, but all other Leaps & Turns, Acro and Extra Group rehearsals will not be held. Please see the schedule below.

Company Dress Rehearsal Weekend Schedule

Company Accessories Sheet

Here is the 2019 Company Accessories Sheet.    Almost all items can be purchased in Prestige Dancewear at WBDC.   If you need to custom order shoes, please be sure to do it December/very early January so we can be sure they are here for dress rehearsal weekend.  

2019 Company Accessory Sheet

Company Costumes

Company costumes are beginning to be sent home with dancers.   Distribution will be completed over the next few weeks.  The full document with all the details of how to wear all accessories, where to pin, etc. will be available once all costumes are completed.

1. If you have been working on group or solo projects for a few weeks or over a month, these items need to be completed and all extra  rhinestones need to be returned to the studio to complete other projects.
2. If you have not received a solo costume that you will be rhinestoning, it is on its way soon.  Some projects are still being completed in the alterations/sewing and we are waiting on one last shipment from a final company to arrive.

Disney 2019

All Disney families should have received a confirmation email from Jenny regarding your payment and reservation information.  Please be sure to confirm that the information is correct.  If you didn't receive one, please email jenny@whitebeardancecenter.com and she will send you another one!   Those on the 5 month payment plan, the 1st payment is due 1/10!

The first rehearsal schedule has been emailed and is also posted on the website and at the studio.  

We can't wait to get started!  It's going to be an amazing show!

Mini and Intermediate Company Practice Videos

We have had some great questions from parents of Mini and Intermediate Companies regarding practice videos.  We will be creating a good video in the next few weeks and then we will upload it to iRehearse.  If you need to refresh your iRehearse sign-on, please stop by the front desk.

Nationals Rehearsals 6/20, 7/7 and 7/8

Please see the schedule below for all the details.

Mandatory Nationals Rehearsals 2019

Private Lessons and Practicing at WBDC

The schedule for private lessons through the Solo/Duet/Trio showing was emailed, is located at the front desk and also posted in studio 4/5.   After the Solo/Duet/Trio showing all choreographers will email each family regarding the plan/future payments for additional lessons through competition season.

We can not emphasize enough to be sure that all dancers are signing out studio space and using WBDC to practice.  Please be sure to text Jenny/Katie entering and leaving WBDC.  Failure to do so will result in the inability to use the practice space.

We can clearly tell the dancers that are spending the time on their piece(s) outside of working with their choreographer.    

We want all dancers to be successful so we hope to see everyone putting in the individual practice time.   The success of reaching their potential, being full of confidence and enjoying their time performing is 100% based on how well they prepare.

WBDC Booster Club

So many exciting things going on!
Did you know ALL families, not just Company, are welcome to participate in Booster Club Activities?  We hope all families join (it's FREE)!

Booster Club Payment/Tax Credit Changes beginning January 2019

WBDC Booster Club is making a few accounting changes beginning January 2019.  

1. Credits can not be saved for future charges, but will always be assigned to the next open charge on your WBDC account.   Please always remember that it takes a few weeks before a fundraiser's check has cleared and the payments can actually be applied to a WBDC account.   Please do not plan on any specific fundraiser to fulfill a payment, espeically with a close deadline, in order to prevent any late fees or missed payments.

2. We will not be having a Booster option A or B anymore.   Booster credits will go to next open charge.  Therefore, anyone using Booster Club credits will not be eligible to ask WBDC for a tax statement to claim dance tuition.   WBDC will still produce tax statements for those Booster Club eligible families for 2018, but beginning 2019 it will not be an option.

Yankee Candle Fundraiser available!  Stop at the front desk to get the information packet.  

Lots of other information is available on the Booster ClubWebpage!

WBDC Birthday Parties

WBDC Birthday Parties are back by popular demand!  Please check out our website HEREfor all the details/information to book your dancer's party!

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