WBDC Policies


Each family must complete the Registration/Medical Form for all dancer’s in the family and pay the $25 Registration Fee per Family on, or before, the first day of class.  Initial registration can be done online, over the phone, or in person at WBDC.   Finalizing payment and enrollment must be done in person at the front desk.



$5 off per month for family members.

Referral Discount! $10 off September Tuition for both current and new students if a current WBDC dancers brings in a new student

  • Sorry, no family members.

  • Must enroll for a Sept-May class. Not eligible for 6 Week or Summer Classes



WBDC has 2 choices for tuition payment:

  • Utilizing Auto-Pay for all Monthly Tuition, Costume Fees. Please be sure to complete the section at the bottom of your families registration form. Auto-Pay payments will be taken through the system on the specified dates. Only one credit card can be applied to an account and all charges will be done on that card for auto payment enrollment.

  • Monthly submitted payments may be done by credit card, cash, or check at the front desk or online with a credit card within families individual sign-on. Submitted payments are due BEFORE the first of month.

Credit Cards - WBDC accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Discover Credit Cards.  Please check the expiration date on your credit card and be sure to let us know as your expiration date expires.  Our system will not allow a payment to go through with auto-pay with an expired expiration date.  For example, January’s tuition will not be processed with an expiration date of 01/19. 

 WBDC Accounts- The form of payment that is given to us for auto-pay will also be the account that will be set up on file with WBDC, unless otherwise discussed.  More then one account may be set up per family if desired, but separation of payment decisions must be agreed upon BEFORE working with the front desk to create the accounts.   WBDC accounts may be set up for incidentals, like tights, shoes, social activities, etc., if desired.   Each family will receive their individual sign-on to our online system linked to their email address.  All payments may be done online.

WBDC also accepts cash and personal checks.


Late Fees

All tuition payments that are received after the 1st of the month, costume/dance fees that are received after the 15th of the month, or any payment that is not received in full on or before the due date, will acquire a $10 late charge PER month per late item.  


Returned Payments

All payments that are declined or returned to us for Non-Sufficient Funds will acquire a fee of $35.  This is true for all auto-pay payments, one time charges by credit card, checking account, or written checks.  If you have an account set up with WBDC that you need to change, please email info@whitebeardancecenter.com, or call the studio 651-426-4793 at least 72 hours before the scheduled payment withdrawal, OR SIGN ON TO YOUR PERSONAL ACCOUNT AND CHANGE THE PAYMENT.    


Lost & Found   

Lost and Found will be located inside the file cabinets next to the cafeteria area.  One drawer will be dedicated to Monday/Tuesday and another drawer will be Wednesday/Thursday/Saturday.   Bi-Weekly it will be emptied and articles will be donated.  


Class Withdrawal and Tuition Refunds

All class withdrawals must be made in writing and submitted to the front desk by the 1st of the month to stop the monthly payment and completely withdraw your dancer from the class.  Submissions for withdrawal after the first of the month, will result in changes to account beginning the first of the following month.  There is no partial refund for withdrawing in the middle of a month.   For those that have pre-paid the year in full, the credit for the remaining tuition hours not used will be refunded back to the original method of payment.  Again, partial month refunds will not be applied.   There are no refunds for missed classes, but dancers are always welcome to make up their absence in another class.   Monthly tuition is the same for all months regardless of the amount of weeks.  Tuition rates take into account studio closing, holidays, and planning for Minnesota winters.


Costume Refunds due to Class Withdrawal

All requests for costume refunds must be made in writing and submitted to the front desk by November 15th.   Costume fees are non-refundable after this date for recreational classes.  Competitive Company costumes are non-refundable.   Families are responsible for paying their dancer package fees Sept-March even if their dance opts not to complete the season.  No Exceptions.

Complete payment of a season before participating in a new season

A dancer’s account must be paid in full, including late fees, prior to beginning a new season with WBDC. Examples but not only circumstances: Fall-Spring Season must be paid prior to beginning a Summer Season. Summer Season must be paid prior to beginning a new Fall-Spring Season. Winter 6 Week Class must be paid before starting a Spring 6 Week Class.


Recreational Class Absence

If you miss a class, please contact the front desk to find another class either exactly the same or similar to make up your missed class.  There will be no refunds for missed classes.   


Staff Substitutions

WBDC reserves the right to utilize any staff substitutions at any time at their discretion. (Examples: sickness, schedule changes, maternity leaves, competition performance schedules, professional performances, etc.)   



Studio Phone Number: 651-426-4793

We do our best to make sure the answering machine at the studio is current and up to date.  We will change the message to put all class cancelations and studio closings on the answering machine when applicable.  

Studio Website:  www.whitebeardancecenter.com

If you are reading this...you are already here!  Great Job!!!! :-)


Email/Email Book

Email is WBDC’s main form of communication.  All WBDC studio information is sent out by email only.  Please make sure you have a current email address on file at the front desk.  If you do not receive something from us within the first two months, please stop by the front desk to make sure we have the correct email address!  

There is a WBDC Email Book at the front desk.  Every informational email that is sent out to the entire studio, or large groups, will be printed and put into that book.  Please check this book if you haven’t received something from WBDC in a while.  Our emails have been known to go to the “junk” folders of email accounts, so please make sure to check your email settings with our email accounts.


WBDC Email Address 

info@whitebeardancecenter.com (for all information communication.)

katie@whitebeardancecenter.com (to reach Katie Weidner)

jenny@whitebeardancecenter.com (to reach Jenny Landry)


Weather Alerts

As we all know, living in Minnesota can bring on some unpredictable weather.  We do our best to let families know, in a timely matter, about studio closings.  Please see our order of communication below with a studio closing:

  • An email will be sent out.

  • The answering machine at the studio will be changed with a “studio is closed due to weather” message.

Because we have families from all over the area, please use your own judgment if there is bad weather.  We base studio closings on what is happening at the studio.  If you miss a class due to weather, we do allow for your dancer(s) to make up the class in the following weeks.    


Front Desk 

If you have a question, please ask the front desk.  Our wonderful front desk staff should be able to answer, or find the answer, to any question you may have.  If you need to speak with Jenny or Katie about something, please email them and they will return all messages as soon as possible.   



If you have a facebook/instagram/twitter account, please go and become a fan of White Bear Dance Center!  This is an excellent way to communicate information immediately and a fun interactive community.   Please invite family and friends to become a fan…we are trying to reach a certain number of fans so we can expand our account. 

Facebook (White Bear Dance Center)

Instragram (wbdcdance)

Twitter (@wbdancecenter) 



Additional Company Policies


Company Member Class/Rehearsal Absence

All Company members are required to have excellent attendance.  More then 3 absences in a condensed time period may result in private lessons, removal from choreography (parts or whole), removal from upcoming performance, and/or removal from the company.   All above options are at the discretion of teachers/choreographers.   Not all situations are the same and will be handled on an individual basis.   Any tardiness or absence, must be communicated to WBDC front desk, by phone 651-426-4793, or email info@whitebeardancecenter.com by a parent/guardian prior to the beginning of class/rehearsal.  Please do not call, email, or text a teacher/choreographer, for they may be in class/rehearsal and not able to get the communication.


Mandatory rehearsals/Week Before Performance/Competition

The week before a performance/competition and any mandatory scheduled rehearsals, are just that, mandatory.  Failure to attend rehearsal or class be it for cleaning, choreography, or technique, may result in removal from part or whole of choreography or performance. Not all situations are the same and will be handled on an individual basis. There will be no refunds for competition entries.


Financial Packages

All Company dancers Mini, Intermediate, Petite, Junior, Teen, and Senior will have a financial package payment in 7 installments, Sept-Mar.  This includes all outside rehearsal fees, competition/convention fees, costumes fees (minus tights, shoes, and accessories), and a recital T-shirt needed for finale.  All of these fees are refunded only on a case by case basis depending on date, and payments to outside organizations that have already been completed.  After December 1st, there are no refunds of any kind. 


Company Parents

There will be a Company Parent(s) selected to represent each Company.  They will assist in communication and details for each Company.  


Competition/Workshop Weekends

All competitive dancers are required to be at the competition venue 2 Hours BEFORE their first event.  If the doors to the facility do not open 2 hours before, then all dancers are expected to have their hair/make-up completely finished and be at the doors when they do open.   This season there will be an expected warm-up that all dancers will participate in prior to their first dance.  This is important for focus levels and also for physical health and a proper warm-up.   

All group awards, group plaques, special awards, over-all awards, cash awards, and group trophies must be brought back to WBDC on the next day of class.   Group Ribbons/Metals/Pins may be handed out at the event and the extras must be given to the Company Parent or brought back to WBDC on the next day of class.   Group Trophies and Plaques will be given away to the dancers that earned them, by class drawing.   Over-all awards, special awards, and cash awards belong to WBDC.    

WBDC apparel is a necessity for competition weekends.  TO BE ONSTAGE AT AWARDS, A DANCER MUST BE IN WBDC APPAREL! WBDC warm-ups are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED, as well as, any other sweats, T-Shirts, Socks, etc.


Competition Schedules

Competitions communicate the detailed schedule of the weekends one week prior.   As soon as WBDC has the information they will communicate it with all competition families.   Most competitions do not accept requests on re-arranging schedules.



Unfortunately, injuries happen both at dance and outside of dance.  

If a dancer is injured in the fall, dancers may need some extra private lessons with an assistant or staff member to catch up on choreography and to assist with any rehabilitation.   Dancers need to attend all of their company choreography classes and technique classes.  They must participate in any stretching or activities of the class that are safe to do while injured.

 If a dancer is injured during dress rehearsal and competition season it is at the discretion of WBDC if a substitution is needed within a piece.  The injured dancer’s costumes may need to be altered in a (non-permanent way) to be worn until they are healed and are brought back into the piece.   This is not optional, but an expectation of each dancer.   There are no refunds of competition entry fees if a dancer cannot participate or if another dancer needs to be a substitute.   

Returning to a piece after an injury is also up the discretion of WBDC.  Just because they are cleared to dance doesn’t mean they are ready to compete.  The rest of their body may need some time dancing full out again, so another injury isn’t created, their company may be too close to competition to have blocking or parts altered to be fair to all dancers,and if a competition has already been notified and changes have been made to their schedule then they cannot be reversed.  Just like injuries that may happen in the fall season, during the rehearsal/competition season dancers need to attend all of their company choreography classes and technique classes. They must participate in any stretching or activities of the class that are safe to do while injured. 


Keeping up with Choreography and Technique

If a company member is falling behind in choreography or technique, then private lessons will be recommended with an assistant or staff member.  Each family is responsible for the charges accrued due to these extra lessons. 

 If after extra lessons and focused attention a dancer is unable to perform at the same level as their company, pertaining to performance level, choreography knowledge and technique, then they will be removed from pieces until they have caught up.    They will be added back into pieces at the discretion of WBDC.     

If a dancer is removed from a piece due to lack of effort there is not any refunds on costumes, entry fees and no adjustments will be made to monthly tuition.


Completing the 2018-19 Season

Families are responsible for paying the full dancer package payments Sept-March even if they choose to leave the 2019-20 company program in the middle of the season.  The only exception is entry fees.  Anything that has not already been paid to an outside company will be subtracted from the payments.  If entry fees have been paid there are not any refunds.  There are no exceptions.

Families must let WBDC know in writing that they are opting to stop their monthly tuition, prior to the 1stof the month.  If the communication is received after the 1stof the current month there will be no refunds, and/or the family is responsible for the current month even if their dancer is not participating.

Since we be attending Nationals, company dancers will need to participate in the Summer Intensives 2020 prior to Nationals in June 2020. Graduating Seniors will have a special package created to train for Nationals, but not take the full audition program.  If a dancer does not wish to audition for the 2020-21 season we understand, but they must take the Summer Intensives to keep their technique through Nationals.  This is only fair to all of the other dancers so that everyone is competing at the same level on stage.